Our Nuts are Fresh-Roasted Daily!

We carry a wide variety of fresh roasted & salted nuts, fresh roasted & unsalted nuts, raw nuts, health food mixes, sugar free chocolates, homemade candies, a wide variety of jelly bellies, wedding candies and our specialty ~ FRESH ROASTED GLAZED NUTS ~ in a variety of choices to satisfy your every craving. Our glazed nuts are freshly roasted then put in our professional glazing machine  Every batch is made with quality and perfection. Our homemade candies are made with a touch of grandma's style. They are prepared the old fashion way. All our homemade candies are hand molded except our caramel and peanut butter cups these are hand poured into a mold to give you the look of ridges. All of our products are so tasty and addicting that we have people from other countries visit Peoria Illinois and after 30 years or more still call in orders to have them mailed to them in places such as Germany, Italy, and Spain etc.

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